Geaghan Brothers Brewing Company Mug Club RENEWAL:

  • Mug Club membership renewal will be at a reduced fee of $50 a year.
  • Current Mug Club members will be notified (by email) in early May and be given until May 31 to renew their membership. Members must renew their membership either online at, or in person at the pub and present their full renewal fee at time of renewal. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Mug club members will receive a new mug club t-shirt each year.
  • If a club member does not renew before May 31, they will forfeit all mug club benefits until their $50 renewal fee is paid in full. (Lack of not renewing on time may result in the loss of your Mug Club hook, and the space may go to a member who has paid on time and does did not have a numbered mug space.) 
  • Late renewal payments will not confer a full year of benefits.  Each renewal cycle ends on May 31 for all members regardless of when their initial membership or renewal fee was paid.