Smiling Irish Bastard-American Pale Ale

Our brewers' favorite staple beer is copper in color with moderate maltiness and features grapefruit hop character. This pale is brewed with traditional Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest that linger on your palette. The name says it all: American strong, like Officer Bernie Welch, a legend in the Bangor police force. From Freeses’ Department Store through “Devil’s Half Acre,” with his billy club in hand, he wiped the smile off more than one hooligan’s face while keeping Bangor’s downtown safe.

Style American-Style Pale Ale
Malt Profile 2-row, Crystal 15, Crystal 30, Wheat
Hop Profile Columbus, Cascade
Stats OG:1.058 FG:1.012 ABV:6.0% IBU:45.6
Pairs Well With Geaghans Wings


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