Originally known as John Geaghan’s Roundhouse Restaurant, Geaghan’s Pub and Craft Brewery opened its doors in 1975. Owners John and Arline Geaghan, opened the restaurant located near a local roundhouse (a place where trains were repaired and turned around on the tracks). Since many of the customers worked at the roundhouse, it was a natural theme. But even back then, there was an undercurrent of Irish items being accumulated and hung on the walls.

Initially, their children Dave, Terry, Chris, Mike, Richard, Peter, Larry, Pat and Carolyn worked at the pub. In 1983, John passed away, and Chris, Larry, Peter, and Carolyn purchased the business from their mother. Carolyn and Chris, eventually left the business to pursue other interests, and Pat became an owner.

In 2010, Larry’s son Andrew rejoined the restaurant as a 3rd generation owner and Front House Manager. The following year in 2011, Andrew transitioned into brewery operations when the brewery started. Even to this day, Larry, Peter, Pat, and Andrew not only are owners in name, but work in the Pub and Brewery too!

In May of 2015, Geaghan Brothers Brewing expanded capacity and opened a production facility and tasting room right across the river in Brewer. Bottling and distribution started soon after the first batched was brewed and less than eight months later, GBB was able to expand distribution state wide. As of July 2018, GBB switched from bottling to canning.

Over the years, the Geaghan brothers learned their trade and have built Geaghan’s Pub into one of the most successful and longest established pubs in Maine. Today, GBB brews can be enjoyed across Maine, and right at 4 decade old Pub in Bangor.